I Love Hobby Lobby

Life has been really stressful lately, so sorry for the missing post on Monday and the late one today. I don’t have any projects to share today, but I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite yarn ever. For those of you who have a Hobby Lobby nearby, count yourselves lucky, because they’re brand of cotton yarn I Love This Cotton is fabulous and a joy to crochet with. Plus it’s on sale a lot, and Hobby Lobby has they’re fabulous 40% off coupon you can use on one full-price item every time you go in. I Love This Cotton crochets tightly, is super soft, and doesn’t pill, at least not yet 🙂 And it comes in really pretty colors. I think it’s the best store brand yarn around.

There’s my opinion for you for today. Hopefully life will slow down a little bit, so I can start posting about some projects.

Happy crocheting, everyone!