Sushi scarf!!

This was my first real crochet project. When I was younger people kept trying to teach me how to crochet and it just didn’t stick until a little while ago when a friend encouraged me to try again. I’ve crocheted many a pot holder (and by pot holder I mean a slightly wonky square of single crochet stitches) with varying degrees of success. This scarf was a slightly wonky long rectangle of single crochet stitches but it turned out all right.

ImageI made some mistakes with this. I didn’t realize that crocheting in the back loops was different than just normal crocheting so the entire scarf was ribbed. I also had to figure out how to change color so the changes aren’t the prettiest. I was also crocheting really tight so I had to do a lot of redos. It was a very good learning experience.

Melanie wearing the scarfI gave the scarf to my awesome cousin for Christmas (pictured above). I got the idea from seeing pictures of other people who have done similar things. I started with the meat (pink and then as I was crocheting I rolled it to see where I was and when I needed to change color. It was a fun project and it kept me interested in crocheting.