Being silly can be interesting

Can I tell you guys a secret? Sometimes I’m very oblivious.

OK, let me back up. In my sushi scarf post I talked about how I had tried and failed to learn to crochet. Lots of people tried to teach me but almost as soon as the lesson was over, I would pick up the hook and have absolutely no idea what this alien object was or how to use it. Eventually I learned how to do a simple chain but i still had no idea how to build off of it. This was back when I was in elementary school and I used this new found knowledge of chaining to make key chains. For some reason, nobody wanted them…anyway I think I was in high school when I finally learned how to single crochet into a chain. I promised my dad a home made pot holder for Christmas but it was more of a small square rag. In retrospect, I don’t think a pot holder was a good Christmas gift for my dad but he seemed like he really wanted it at the time. That’s my dad for you, the sweetest man you’ll ever meet.

I think that was the point where I gave up ever figuring it out. I was looking at my grandmother who is a master crocheter, my mother who makes these really cute and sought for baby blankets and my sister who was crocheting an afghan as her first project. I wasn’t depressed about it I just figured it wasn’t for me, whatever I’ll move on to something I don’t suck so bad at.

Fast forward to last summer. I had just gotten married, we had moved into a new apartment, I was taking summer classes and trying to find a job. We were visiting with some friends, another married couple, and she had a hook out with some yarn teaching another friend how to crochet a pot holder. She asked if I wanted to learn to. So I did and amazingly enough it stuck. It wasn’t a foreign object the minute we left their house, I could still do the stuff she taught me.

Doors suddenly opened. I could do the cool fancy thing all the other women in my family could do but I could do it my way. I could make that cute My Neighbor Totoro bag I saw a picture of, I could make that Amigurumi Link from the Legend of Zelda, I could do anything! Except I couldn’t I was biting off way more than I was prepared to chew. However, I had time, energy, I was ready to learn and I discovered something magical.


Yes Google, or really any search engine. Now you may ask why Google is so magical. Its so part of our everyday lives, why are you just now discovering it. Again, I’m a little oblivious sometimes and it never even occurred to me that the internet might have tutorials for different stitches and techniques. Heck, Kristen and I sometimes do Google hangouts and she shows me how to do things. If it wasn’t for Google I wouldn’t have made that scarf or any of my other projects. In short, the internet taught me how to crochet and that is not a bad thing. The internet is all about sharing information and ideas with others, so why can’t I teach myself a new skill using this tool?

Yes yes Nicole we get it, the internet is great. Whats your point.

The project I’m working on told me to do something I didn’t know how to do. So I Googled it.


(Next week I will actually talk about that project instead of rambling on about my life.)