Crochet with friends!

I have a project I am working on but I don’t want to show you until its done. So next Thursday I will finally post a pattern which I have been failing to do for a while.

Today I want to talk about a way to get motivated to work on your own projects. A few months ago I got a group of ladies together on a Saturday morning to do crafts and chat and stuff. some people brought their knitting and I obviously did some crochet and one lady brought her scrap booking stuff. It was a ton of fun and this Saturday we are going to do it again and make it a more regular thing. So, if you are lacking motivation and you have some crafty friends get a group together to meet and work on projects and talk and stuff. My group is going to meet twice a month but your group can meet once a week or once a month or whatever works for everyone. Then you have a whole hour or two to work on whatever you project you want as well as hang out with great people. Its a win-win situation for everybody!

Good luck!