Who doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbes?

I grew up with the Calvin and Hobbes comics. My family had a bunch of the books and I always read it in the paper, and I was heartbroken when Bill Watterson decided to end it. I want my kids to enjoy it as much as I did, and I figured I’d give them an early start. I found the pattern for a crocheted Hobbes, and I plan to give it to my daughter when she’s born.

I haven’t finished it yet. I’m taking it slow, since I still have some time to get it done. But it’s really fun to see it come to life. Those of you who are familiar with amigurumi might be able to figure out how to make this, if you’re interested in figuring it out on your own (if I knew anything about amigurumi, I know I would enjoy the challenge), but, if not, sukigirl has graciously offered her pattern to give the perfect dimensions for an adorable little Hobbes doll.

I’ve finished the two legs and the tail so far.

Hobbes piecesI can’t wait to show you the finished product.

In honor of Calvin and Hobbes and Bill Watterson, sukigirl has asked that her pattern only be used to make items that will be given away, no selling allowed. I think she has an excellent point. Watterson never commercialized his comic. The most he allowed was for it to be printed in books, and I think that is exactly how it should stay. You will not see this on our etsy store, but always feel free to make one yourself, or ask your favorite crocheter to make one for you 🙂

Happy crocheting!



Crochet spiral hat

I know its not the right season for warm fuzzy hats but I really wanted to share this one with you. I came across the pattern on Pinterest and when I noticed that my black hat was getting to be done, I decided to make this hat.


I made a trial version of the hat following this exact pattern over Christmas while I was visiting my in-laws. I gave that hat to my sister in law because it still wasn’t quite what I wanted. When I made the hat for myself I changed the brim because I wasn’t to fond of the way the front and back post double crochets looked. For that I just did single crochets. I think it made it look cleaner.
ImageThe pattern itself was very simple and they have a baby version available on the same page. I think this would be an adorable hat for Kristens new baby, yes? That way, she and her Auntie could have matching hats! ^_^