Crochet with friends!

I have a project I am working on but I don’t want to show you until its done. So next Thursday I will finally post a pattern which I have been failing to do for a while.

Today I want to talk about a way to get motivated to work on your own projects. A few months ago I got a group of ladies together on a Saturday morning to do crafts and chat and stuff. some people brought their knitting and I obviously did some crochet and one lady brought her scrap booking stuff. It was a ton of fun and this Saturday we are going to do it again and make it a more regular thing. So, if you are lacking motivation and you have some crafty friends get a group together to meet and work on projects and talk and stuff. My group is going to meet twice a month but your group can meet once a week or once a month or whatever works for everyone. Then you have a whole hour or two to work on whatever you project you want as well as hang out with great people. Its a win-win situation for everybody!

Good luck!



Crazy cool potholders

I found this pattern on Pinterest. I really loved the idea of alternating colors within a cool pattern to get something like this, but this pattern was crazy hard. Well, it wasn’t really hard, at least technically, but it was hard on my hands. Holding that many stitches together to make a cluster really did a number on my joints. But it was good fun. I made a set for my brother-in-law as a wedding present, which I forgot to take a picture of. And then I made this set, which I think I’ll put on etsy, because I have plenty of pot holders. I was considering making a bunch of sets to sell, but the pattern is so painful that I think this will be the only one, unless people start clamoring for them.

The original pattern is meant to be continued to make an afghan, but I liked the idea of keeping it smaller, plus my hands couldn’t have taken much more. The ones I made for my brother-in-law were without any alterations to the original pattern, but it creates holes, which add fun texture but really only make them useful as trivets. For this set I decided to make a backing to cover the holes so that they can be used to touch hot things.

My pot holders, after doing three different colors, ended up being about 5.75 inches square. I used an F hook and I Love This Cotton yarn. For the backing I did a foundation chain of 20 stitches and then alternated between a row of double crochet and a row of single crochet until it was about square. Then I left a long tail and sewed it onto the back of the potholder. It turned out pretty well and gives the potholder a more hefty feel, which I like to have when taking hot things out of an oven 🙂



Crazy cool potholders


Happy crocheting!