Hook reminders

Hook reminders

Happy Monday Everyone!

My week is off to an interesting start. Our dog got into some ant poison this morning (which was totally my fault and I feel awful about it) and is currently with the vet being treated. We don’t think she ate very much and she should be fine.

Today’s post isn’t so much about crochet patterns as it is about crochet tools…sorta. I’m always starting new projects before finishing older ones and when I come back to a project that’s been sitting around for a while, I’ve always forgotten which hook I was using. This is mostly because I hardly ever use the recommended hook size, because I generally crochet pretty tight, and I can’t get the right gauge with the hook the pattern says to use. I had an idea similar to this a while back but instead of using the necklace clasps, I was going to just use safety pins with a few decorative beads and a letter bead. Then, I found a fancier version here and just had to make some for myself. Now I can keep all my crochet hooks in their holder when I’m not using them and I never have to worry about misplacing one again. Best thing ever? I think so.

These beautiful little things not only keep your project from unraveling but they remind you what hook you were using for that project.

Hook reminders

The set of letter beads I bought didn’t have a J in it, which is why that one is missing.

We will be selling sets of these beauties in our Etsy shop in the near future. We’re still getting that set up and are hoping we’ll have some wonderful things for sale very soon.

Happy crocheting!



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